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GNewsTicker is a program which sits on the gnome panele and displays news from various news sources (currently the application supports RSS newsfeeds and NOS teletext ( The program is written in Python and requires pygtk, pygnome (and lynx for NOS-tt).




April 2004:

Third release 0.3, tropical coconut now available. It now includes 3 display modes and also the possibility to select nos tt as source.

March 2003:

Second release 0.2, the whooping llama now available. More basic features now working and by now it is a usefull working applet.

Feb 2003:

First file release version 0.1, moose go to the Project summary page for the download


The ticker on the panel
screenshot 2, v0.2
screenshot 1, v0.1
screenshot 2, v0.1
screenshot 3, v0.1 Logo
last updated: 07 Apr 2004